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Spring is coming, the friends who go out to play bike see come, ready to start!

Spring is coming, many people start the weekend on the weekend, spring outing view + play car. The mountain road car we play doesn't fold into the trunk like the 4+2, and many of the obsessive-compulsive disorder doesn't want to pull the car apart, because it affects a lot of tuning geometry.
Most families are not pickup (7) limited models, so appeared on the market a lot of can carry the vehicle of the shelves, and common ones include the rear bracket, tail hanging frame, roof rack, roof suction cups, and so on. Because of legal restrictions, trailers are cumbersome and are not common at home, and only a handful of heavy locomotive players will choose.
One of the more solid of these shelves is the tail bracket, and today's recommendation is a Thule Velospace 918 Rack bracket from Sweden (really not the one that bought 918). )